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L.R.S.: Down to the Core | FESTIVALPHOTO

L.R.S.: Down to the Core




L.R.S. might not sound much for a name but the resurgence of Tommy La Verdi, who used to front Scott Gorham´s 21 GUNS, brings a smile of nostalgia to me. Josh Ramos, THE STORM, HARDLINE, is another blast from the past, while drummer Michael Shotton is slightly more contemporary as a member of VON GROOVE and RIK EMMET´S AIRTIME. The band is described as rooted in the tradition of JOURNEY, THE STORM, possibly with a hint of midf-80´s TRIUMPH. All that is quite possible, but what´s the real outcome?

Sadly I was hoping for more. Opener “Our Love to Stay” is not far off TRIUMPH of the era I like, or the agreeable guitar-based AOR of “Livin 4 a Dream”, or the rosey description of love in “I Can Take You There”. But the real spark that made the eighties major is not present, and Tommy uses the very edge of his vocal range which you either like or not. As the rock gets more in focus later on the album things look up, But the title track, “I Will Find My Way” and “Waiting for Love” are not enough to save this album from a mediocre mark, sadly enough.

Track List
Our Love to Stay
Livin 4 a Dream
I Can Take You There
Never Surrender
Almost Over You
Shadow of a Man
Universal Cry
To Be Your Man
Down to the Core
I Will Find My Way
Waiting for Love
Not One Way to Drive

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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