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There are bands that are typical of their country, then there are bands that are typical of their influences. FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING are un-typical Germans with a penchant for Sweden. We skipped the Swedish language training and went straight for an insight into the Scandi-Teutonical world of Sam Anetzberger, who handle vocals, and FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING.

Hi Sam, please describe the new album. How would you compare the new album to your Metal Blade years?

- I hope it is an asskick for all chart-followers all over the world! Seriously, we´re very satisfied with the result as a whole. Every single song is unique, but all of them build a unity in arrangement which is woven into a brilliant sound. We think we´ve grown with time, but were also inspired by musical roots from our yesteryears. Furthermore “The Everhaunting Past” is our first album which was completely recorded in our own “Soundtunnel” Studio engineered by our drummer Ingo Maier and our first album that was released by our new label partners Cyclone Empire.

What is it that is so great about the Swedish death metal sound? Who influenced you?

- The early Swedish Death Metal like Edge of Sanity, Eucharist, Unanimated, Cardinal Sin, At the Gates, Grave, Dissection, Dismember and a lot of more influenced us. Anyway, we try to play an independent style of Swedish Death Metal following the Göteborg- and Stockholm-sound. Of course we feel connected to U.S. Death Metal, too. A thoughtful listener may confirm that.
What is your vision of what death metal will sound like in say 10 years from now?

How would you like FoU to develop over time?

- I don´t know what kind of trends will be created in the future. More extreme, more brutal and faster than everything that we have already had before. Maybe everything goes back to the roots or melts into other exteme music genres. Anyway we have never felt like starting up on to a hype or follow some current Death Metal trends. We´ve just felt dedicated to our kind of Death Metal since a long time and we simply enjoy to play this kind of music with Fragment Of Unbecoming. I think in ten years from now our music will have an atmosphere of timelessness, just like an everhaunting past, ha ha.

What goes on in the FoU camp in the nearest future?

- First, our new bassist, Christopher, has to learn the new songs for a live-set. He made some awesome proceedings and he can play seven songs of the new live-set by now. In 2010 we will be ready to play some gigs to promote our new album. Furthermore we´ve started to print new killer-merch, designed by our guitarist Sascha Ehrich. In the meantime we’re still working on some new songs for a follower of “The Everhaunting Past”. Six songs are already completed. So look out!

Cheers for your time!

Thanks, it was a pleasure!
Sam / Fragments Of Unbecoming

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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