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Primal Fear: Delivering the Black | FESTIVALPHOTO

Primal Fear: Delivering the Black



Teutonic force PRIMAL FEAR delivers yet a mighty slab of ACCEPT JUDAS metal, and they do it in style. Opener ”King for a Day” is a typical opener, thunderous, catchy and seriously strong. Still things get even better with ”When Death Comes Knocking” with its definite ring of ACCEPT, ”Alive & On Fire” that boasts a riff that could have made it onto ”Screaming for Vengeance”, and the full frontal attack of ”Road to Asylum”. One dent here only; the cliche-ridden ”Never Pray for Justice” is not a must for me. Most of the time this is pure unadultured German metal entertainment.

Track List
King for a Day
Rebel Factionomes
When Death Comes Knocking
Alive & On Fire
Delivering the Black
Road to Asylum
One Night in December
Never Pray for Justice
Born with a Broken Heart

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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