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Red Dragon Cartel: ST | FESTIVALPHOTO

Red Dragon Cartel: ST




Old hero returns to form but not to my favorite shape. JAKE E LEE was the man who brought me “Bark at the Moon”. I´ll never forget that video or that guitar work, even in the shadow of Randy Jake impressed. A long time later the out of favor guitarist returns with a band of Ronnie Mancuso (BEGGARS & THIEVES, bass), D.J. Smith (vocals) and Jonas Fairley (drums). They get super producer Kevin Shirley to take the new band under their wings and they get even more media attention. But then?

If you are looking for 80´s heavy metal you might be surprised. This is a mix of OZZY, 70´s BLACK SABBATH, grunge in places and seventies rock all over the place. The echoes of “Bark…” are there in opener “Deceived”, but tamer and more spaced out, the inventiveness is there in the riff of “Shout It Out”, PAUL DI´ANNO puts his definite trade mark on “Waysted”, “Slave” is truly unique, and “War Machine” is more retro Sabbath than SABBATH´s own latest output. There you go, get the picture? I really wonder what Jake wants to do, return to OZZY perhaps? But all in all, in my view, this is more PR than it is an outstanding album.

Track List
Shout It Out
Fall From the Sky
Big Mouth
War Machine
Redeem Me
Exquisite Tenderness

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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