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Jack Starr featuring Rhett Forrester: Out of the Darkness | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jack Starr featuring Rhett Forrester: Out of the Darkness



Limb Music/Sound Pollution

Blistering guitarist JACK STARR became a productive man as he left VIRGIN STEELE in 1983. Most of this disc first saw the light of day in 1984. On board with Jack were a couple of THE RODS guys, Carl Canedy on drums and Garry Bordonaro on bass. Another suggestion was current and seemingly perennial JACK STAR bass player Ned Meloni. The vocal spot was apparently less easy, first name was ex. ANTHRAX man Neil Turbin. Second choice was ex. RIOT vocalist Rhett Forrester, who might have had his issues and ideas, but who fitted the music very well. The album has been remastered by R.D. Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY), and there has also been a couple of additions. There are six to be precise, both the unreleased “Blue Tears Falling” from the unreleased JACK STARR BLUES BAND album and five instrumentals from Jacks 1990 album “A Minor Disturbance”.

If you like VIRGIN STEELE and the MANOWAR of old, there are quite a few gems to check out here. Opener “Concrete Warrior”, “False Messiah”, the speedy “Wild in the Streets”, the short and snappy “Eyes of Fire”, the gentle highlight “I Can´t Let You Walk Away”, and the ultimate US metal track “Chains of Love”. The instrumental track “Odile” probably showed more of the Blackmore-esque instrumental hero that was yet to come. To confuse things a bit they throw in a far too short take on “Amazing Grace” as the final track of the original album. As can be expected Jack is a solid blues man on the remaining six tracks. “Last Date” is more like outdated, otherwise there is a lot of what made GARY MOORE famous…around the time the latter went all bluesy. All in all this is a fabulous release, but it might be a bit confusing for the all out metalhead…and the other way around for the total blues man.

Track List
Concrete Warrior
False Messiah
Wild in the Streets
I Can´t Let You Walk Away
Chains of Love
Eyes of Fire
Let´s Get Crazy Again
Amazing Grace

Bonus Tracks
Interlude in the Afternoon
Sundance Strut
Love in the Rain
Last Date
Blue Tears Falling

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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