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Place Vendome: Thunder in the Distance | FESTIVALPHOTO

Place Vendome: Thunder in the Distance




In 2004 MICHAEL KISKE returned to the metal scene to join Frontiers Records ignited band PLACE VENDOME. This set him up with bass player and producer Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69), keyboard player Gunter Werno (VANDENPLAS), guitarist Uwe Reitenauer (PINK CREAM 69) and drummer Kosta Zafirou (PINK CREAM 69). The latter quit after two albums and gave way to Dirk Bruineberg (ELEGY, ADAGIO). Quite a few outside writes such as Magnus Karlsson, Timo Tolkki and Tommy Denander have contributed to the album which must be splendid…or?

I wish I could say so. Opener “Talk to Me”, the power balladry of “It Can´t Rain Forever”, the slightly harder “Never Too Late” and slightly pop orientated “Heaven Lost” are the best tracks on offer. The rest are on par or slightly below. There is a slant towards EUROVISION SONG CONTEST like keyboard openings, the more buttery aspects of the eighties AOR and a coolness I find disengaging. Michael sings fine, everybody is doing fine to be precise, I can´t really find the spark and the extra special moments that could make them stand out from the rest.

Track List
Talk to Me
Power of Music
Broken Wings
Lost in Paradise
It Can´t Rain Forever
Fragile Ground
Hold Your Love
Never Too Late
Heaven Lost
My Heart Is Dying
Break Out
Maybe Tomorrow
Thunder in the Distance

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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