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Michael Monroe: Horns and Halos | FESTIVALPHOTO

Michael Monroe: Horns and Halos



Spinefarm/Sound Pollution
New album by ex. HANOI ROCKS vocalist MICHAEL MONROE is to be counted with. The rest of the band are none less than bassist Sam Yaffa (ex. HANOI ROCKS/NEW YORK DOLLS), guitarists Steve Conte (ex. NEW YORK DOLLS/COMPANY OF WOLVES), and Dregen (BACKYARD BABIES, ex. HELLACOPTERS) and drummer Karl “Rockfist” Rosqvist (ex CHELSEA SMILES, DANZIG). Nuff said.

Opener “TNT Diet” squeezes everything an opener needs into 2.29! The single “Ballad of the Lower East Side” has a stunning riff that matches the voice and the general brawl. Nothing here really disappoints, there is a sense of fun, havoc and solid street-smart rock´n´roll all over the place. Even the reggae laden “Soul Surrender” gets my stamp of approval, which is unusual for a song based on that sheer idea… and in addition to that they even get away with a saxophone…which is usually met by my saw blade. This may well be the album of the year, don´t ask me why, but it is strangely compelling in spite of the ingredients.

Track List
TNT Diet
Ballad of the Lower East Side
Eighteen Angels
Saturday Night Special
Stained Glass Heart
Horns and Halos
Child of the Revolution
Soul Surrender
Half the Way
Hands Are Tied

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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