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Facebreaker: Dedicated to the Flesh | FESTIVALPHOTO

Facebreaker: Dedicated to the Flesh



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Fellow Swedes FACEBREAKER are quite in fashion these days. The band members have the right DNA via bands like GRAVE, EDGE OF SANITY and SCAR SYMMETRY, and as a band they have played festivals like With Full Force, Party.San, and Summer Breeze. This is their fourth album and will the success story continue?

I really can´t tell. There is a lot of B-movie gore and even a sense of splatter humor, as always, but I think previous outings were stronger. Opener “Meat Freak” is very alright, the same goes for “Dedicated to the Flesh”, but until the strong ending of “Tomb of the Hungry Dead” I hear mainly the same track over and over. I quite like the voice of Robert “Robban” Karlsson, and guitarists Janne Ivarsson and Mika Lagrén are quite inventive but this time around with less result than in the past.

Track List
Meat Freak
Dedicated to the Flesh
Zombie Flesh Cult
Nuclear Outbreak
Carving for Brains
Swarm of Zombies
Legions of Doom (Alternative Version - Bonus Track)
World Cremation
Tomb of the Hungry Dead

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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