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The Burning Crows: Behind the Veil | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Burning Crows: Behind the Veil



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THE BURNING CROWS are hailed as the future of British rock, in the info sheet at least. This rather young band has released an EP called “Never Had It So Good”, and was Exposure Music Award nominees in 2010 as well as 2011. Bravado rocker featuring guest keyboard player Keith Weir of…you guessed it THE QUIREBOYS. Everything about the approach and their PR reminds of when THE QUIREBOYS exploded onto the scene in the early nineties.

Opener “High” is a pulsating but simple piece of British Rock´n´Roll. “All the Way” just follows suite with a familiar ring of yesterday´s yesterday. But the Brit rock´n´blues of “You, Me, Tonight” will always be a respectable formula to bring the masses on their knees - catchy in every sense of the word. From then on the real highs are the stable beat and fab refrain of “Fallin”, the QUIREBOYS-ness of the spirited title track, and the surprise bonus track! “Best Damn Everything” has a touch of BLACK SABBATH and this oddly hidden away gem must surely become a live favorite? In between these heights there are a few downs and rather many ups. I think that 14 tracks is a tad hefty! But there are archetypal lyrics, cocky attitudes, steamy blues and real Rock´n´Roll! With a mere 12 tracks on their agenda they could have let the ordinary UK rock of “Say My Name” and the somewhat lukewarm “Time” remain in the closet in favor of a higher average quality feel. Nevertheless I think this is a more than ok debut, best of luck and here´s to your next album!

Track list
All the Way
You, Me, Tonight
So Wrong
Here I Am
Say My Name
The Queen
Devil May Care
Slow Up, Get Down
Behind the Veil

Bonus Tracks
Going Down
Best Damn Everything

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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