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Persistence: In Blood and Heart | FESTIVALPHOTO

Persistence: In Blood and Heart



Deity Down/Plastic Head

Dutch band PERSISTENSE was formed in 2000. The name is an amalgam of the words “to persist” and “intense” and they called their music “swingthrash” early on. After a restart around vocalist Stefan van Vugt in 2005 they deal in metal with numerous influences. The band wants to create memorable songs and since their 2008 demo landed them a contract they must be on the right path.

The intro is soft and hard to pinpoint to a specific genre. “Further” is melodic thrash, with some extra added energy from Bram Trommelen´s drumming. “Stefan´s vocals are rawer than the music, but without being annoying it feels lightly produced. The guitar work courtesy of Jacques Maas and Ralf van der Horst are slightly old-fashioned but highly melodic and entertaining. The feeling I get from “The Reality” probably that of the ANTHRAX of old with better production. But Stefan is not trying to be Belladonna. Amusing enough the vocals fits the whole sound picture. The guitar patterns are a real treat, and a threat to many bands no doubt. They provide PERSISTENSE with a touch of ARCH ENEMY. They go thrashing more in “Infinite Madness”, but the vocals do not permit any Bay Area vibes. Still I wish that Ed Repka had done this cover – to attract the right buyers. The title track thunders away, and stays in between thrash and modern forceful metal. PERSISTENCE keeps it together, apart from “Doomsday” where the disadvantages of the chosen vocal style are most audible. But, as always, hard Dutch metal rules ok.

Track List
The Reality
Infinite Madness
In Blood and Heart
Sick World

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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