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Robin Beck: Underneath | FESTIVALPHOTO

Robin Beck: Underneath



HMMR Records/Cargo

ROBIN BECK will forever be the Coca Cola Girl after her massive success in 1988/89 with “First Time”. But there is so much more to her and she has proven that with ten albums (including one re-recording) and numerous guest appearances, one of the latest being a gust spot on SARACENS “Marilyn” in 2011. For this release, and almost habitually since 1992, she has teamed up with her husband James Christian, Jimi Bell (HOUSE OF LORDS), Glen Burtnik (ex STYX), Tommy Denander (a true Swedish all-star), Jeff Batter (HOUSE OF LORDS), James Christian, BJ Zampa (HOUSE OF LORDS), Fiona, and her own daughter Liv. The song writing is also a massive affair so this better be good…

Opener “Wrecking Ball” might not be heavy metal but it is a heavier track for Robin – and she performs with conviction. There is a slight vocal effect and a fine refrain, and it comes across as very convincing. I can get the feeling of having heard it all before but there is always something special about Robin´s voice. The riffs are a tad less sparkling at times but as a whole the backing ensemble is flawless, as can be expected. There are a few flatter moments, the almost stubbornly boring refrain of “Sprain”, the boring riff and less rocking approach of “Catfight” and the simply less inspired ending of “Follow You”. But the magic is also there, especially in the expertly arranged title track and “Burning Me Down”, which would have been another “First Time” - had this been the eighties. This is a more than fair album from Robin, not her best but easily one of her finest moments.

Track List
Wrecking Ball
Ain´t That just like Love
Check Your Attitude
Burning Me Down
Perfect Storm
Ya Can´t Fight Love
I Swear the Nights
Follow You

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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