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Duskmachine: S/T | FESTIVALPHOTO

Duskmachine: S/T



Massacre/Sound Polution

American/Canadian/German progressive thrash band DUSKMACHINE has been around since 2004. Constituted mainly of former members of ANNIHILATOR and OVERKILL the band are; Joe Comeau, vocals, Nikolai Wurk, guitars, Russ Bergquist, bass, and drummer Randy Black. A couple of member changes later this unit might be ready to attack…or?

The progressive thrash that they trade in is not at its best in opener “I Feel Your Pain”. Better is still to come. The grooves are a priority most of the time, as is a penchant for screams and small talk “all over the place”. But in the self-titled track everything is forgiven, the modern heaviness and the pace with its progressive twist is all I can ask for. Still, the surprise collaboration with Geoff Downes of ASIA/YES, “”My Empty Room” is almost a tear jerker. It is a surprisingly low-key atmospheric and emotional piece among all the rifferama and not only a bold change but also the number one track on the album – if you ask me. The album never really loses pace or meaning, but “Endless” is seemingly what the title says - the piece when the modernities take over and turn a fine song into a post-modern drag. The half-rap vocals at times really had me going for the fwd button. But all in all I think DUSKMACHINE is a positive (nope, not surprise) confirmation of the involved parties collective abilities.

Track List
I Feel No Pain
Dying in My Skin
Conquer All
My Empty Room (Feat. Geoff Downes of ASIA/YES)
Hands of Fate

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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