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Bunkur: Nullify | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bunkur: Nullify



Bunkur: Nullify
Displeased/Sound Pollution

First I was looking for a track list – then it struck me that BUNKUR actually has done one track of seventy plus minutes. Their debut “Bludgeon” came out in 2006, and now they want to leave new marks in metal history with the longest doom song in history.

There is something very industrial about BUNKUR. The feeling of 20th century industry work shop opens the track and is somehow always present during the album. There is no sign of a guitar player but two bass men are in place. Similarities with BLACK SABBATH, HELLHAMMER and BURZUM are called upon in the info sheet. I believe they have chosen their own hellish doom-laden path. Someone ought to make a movie around the concept; it would surely punish classics like “Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism”. But this resembles few others, so I do not wish to make comparisons. This is not for the faint of heart but if you wish to be totally doom-ized and have the ability to listen with an open mind this is the most Armageddon music available.

Track List

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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