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Pat Travers: Can Do | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pat Travers: Can Do




PAT TRAVERS is a well travelled guitarist, keyboard player and singer who´s been around since the mid-seventies. Not seldom in the shape of the PAT TRAVERS BAND, and featuring the likes of Pat Thrall, Nicko McBrain, Tommy Aldridge and Carmine Appice. He has been playing seventies rock (70´s), melodic rock (80´s), blues (90´s), so there is a lot to chose from. But according to the info the band is looking to the future. The band these days consist of Pat, guitars & vocals, Kirk McKim, guitars, Sandy Gennaro, drums, Rodney O´Quinn, bass, Monica Travers, backing vocals, Sean Shannon, drums and percussion, and Doug Bane and Carl Cleaver on keyboards.

The future is a fickle beast. The title track opens in fine 70´s/80´s fashion, highly melodic, but also a bit outdated, which may be an advantage. But there is so much feeling and spark in here. Notice I don´t use the word routine. This is one of the most even albums I´ve heard in a long time. The brooding “Diamond Girl”, the sticky refrain of “Long Time Gone”, the enormous bluesy feeling of “Armed & Dangerous”, the TV score-ish almost “Taggart-like” score of “Keep Calm & Carry On”, and the amusing boogie of “Red Neck Boogie”. There is no new “Boom Boom Out Goes the Light”, but I think “Heat in the Street” will get competition on the set list.

Track List
Can Do
Stand Up
Diamond Girl
I´m With You
Long Time Gone
Wanted (That Was Then, This Is Now)
Armed & Dangerous
Here Comes the Rain
Keep Calm & Carry On
Dust and Bones
Waitin´ on the Edge of Time
Red Neck Boogie

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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