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Skid Row: United World Rebellion - Chapter One | FESTIVALPHOTO

Skid Row: United World Rebellion - Chapter One




SKID ROW, the name rings out well in most hard rocker´s ears. Who hasn´t gone fucking crazy to “Youth Gone Wild” or “Slave to the Grind”? That was then, this is now - or rather during the years 1987-1996. SKID ROW fared less well after 1993 as many bands of the hair metal genre. And the upheaval between the bands and their former lead vocalist Sebastian Bach is impossible to notice, whether it´s in fighting mode or making up mode. Today, or rather since 1999 the band consists of lead vocalist Johnny Solinger, drummer Rob Hammersmith (since 2010) and the originals; guitarists Dave “The Snake” Sabo and Scotti Hill plus bass player Rachel Bolan.

Back in the day SKID ROW were masters of sweet ballads and grittier heavier hair metal with magic refrains. Now they open with the slight take on the “Youth Gone Wild-grittiness” “Kings of Demolition”. The vocals are not up to par and there is more punk in the song than I expected. The refrain works, but not quite the setting. “Let´s Go” echoes of several English low price copies of the US hair metal scene. No more. The acoustic steel strings opening of “This Is Killing Me” makes me hope - but alas. Where is the edge of SKID ROW? It really doesn´t find its way back, not here. They get the grooves right at times, but only briefly. I dare not say but maybe there would be magic again if a certain Mr. Bach returned…

Track List
Kings of Demolition
Let´s Go
This Is Killing Me
Get Up

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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