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Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas | FESTIVALPHOTO

Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas




“´Ere´s a band for ya!” This lot has been some great music in ARTENSION and the seemingly underrated ANGEL OF EDEN. There is also experience from BRUCE DICKINSON and ROYAL HUNT, to name but a few. Behind the name ARTLANTICA lurks Roger Staffelbach, guitars, vocalist John West, and keyboard wiz Mistheria. Guests on the album are drummers Dani Löble (HALLOWEEN), and John Macaluso (ARK, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), bass enigma Steve DiGeorgio (SADUS, TESTAMENT, and Chris Caffrey of TRANS-SIBIRIAN ORCHESTRA and SAVAGE fame. Now thus must surely rouck our world…or?

Don´t hold your breath too long. Opener “2012” is every bit as pompous as a symphony orchestra. But the ignition? “Devout” on the other hand is a classically tinged faster piece with a fine refrain while it still retains metal status throughout. The kind of music I´d love to have these gents play all the time. The do return to form with the speedy “Fight for the Light” and the simply outstanding masterpieces “Nightmare Life” (which simply put has it all, in every possible way) and the instrumental “Return of the Pharao PT3”. As you´ve guessed the musicians involved should perhaps focus on instrumental music? To their credit is also the buttered up ballad “Ode to My Angel” and the explosive “Heresy”. But I was surprised to hear the likes of the overblown opener, the less remarkable “You´re Still Away” and the flat “”Demon in My Mind”. This ensemble can outdo YNGWIE these days. They don´t quite hit his best times, but they fill the void he has created the least 10 years or so. Something is still missing but I can´t put my finger on it, but this is still a damn fine album.

Track List
Across the Seven Seas
You´re Still Away
Ode to My Angel
Fight for the Light
Demon in My Mind
Return of the Pharao PT3
Nightmare Life

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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