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Lawless: Rock Savage | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lawless: Rock Savage



Escape/Sound Pollution

LAWLESS has some serious pedigree to live up to. The band consists of DEMON members Paul Hume, guitars, vocals, and Neil Ogden, drums, who also breathed life into the band. They joined forces with PERSIAN RISK guitarist Howie G and bassist Josh Williams of HEADRUSH. Influences range from DIO and SAXON via QUEENSRUCHE until GOTTHARD. Four solid Britons making the music I like…I expect nothing but the best!

Opener “Heavy Metal Heaven” is not quite up to the assignment. Keys and a riff opens but it all has a feeling of the late eighties washed up British hard rock, searching for its soul. “Black Widow” fares even less well. It seems restrained. The pace is not energetic enough, the verse is slow etc. Some spark is missing. Things move in the right direction with the thunderous “F.O.A.D”, and definitely with the excellently melodic “Misery”. The groovy 80´s gets a revamp with the quite gently but unmistakably British “SOS”. I just love that mid-pace rhythm. From then on the album goes into routine in a way, as well as a higher gear. “Pretender” raises the bar still, and the hilarious ending of “Metal Time” sounds like a short version of someone´s non-efforts in school (the guitarist I believe) and goes about it in an excellent “I Wanna Rock” fashion. LAWLESS has somehow managed to squeeze the entire British 80´s hard rock into one album, warts and all. I´d say that this is British Standard Approved but with a bit more savage in them they´ll be up for their MBE´s.

Track List
Heavy Metal Heaven
Black Widow Ladies
Rock´n´Roll City
Step In
Where Heroes Fall
Metal Time

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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