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Jorn: Traveller | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jorn: Traveller




JORN is back again, or rather Jorn Lande with a revamped band. Tore Moen has been away for a while now, and the new boys are guitarist Trond Holter (WIGWAM) and bass player Bert Iversen (also WIGWAM). This is JORN´s eight studio album, but lately I´ve not been impressed by the song material. This album is said to be heavy yet melodic and on all subjects of life.
Opener “Overload” is a bit slow for me and comes across as DIO of the “wrong era”. The melody is rather weak and the refrain not up to par. The rather touted “Cancer Demon” rings of a flat “Holy Diver” but has an ok refrain. The title track fares better but still has echoes of the less sparkling moments off “Lock Up the Wolves”. This is the way I perceive most of the material of this disc. The best are no doubt the not DIO-related “Window Maker” (funny title, why not “Window Cleaner”?), the more cheerful “Legend Man” and perhaps the somewhat ELECTRIC BOYS-ish “Rev On”. Otherwise I´m not very happy about this release… I see an ad in my mind. “One of the world´s best vocalists seeks songwriting partner urgently!”

Track List
Cancer Devil
Window Maker
Make Your Engine Scream
Legend Man
Carry the Black
Rev On
The Man Who Was King

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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