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Sodom: Epitome of Torture | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sodom: Epitome of Torture




SODOM was a fresh kick in the face when I drifted into the heavier side of metal in the late eighties. I still listen to “Agent Orange” every now and then but I am not updated on them after the early eighties. SODOM rose to prominence in the early eighties and debuted with full-length album “Obsessed with Cruelty” in 1996, and was definitely instrumental in making rough German thrash a force to be reckoned with. Albums were made and musicians came and went but the SODOM sound seemed to remain no matter what. The line-up is the ubiquitous bassist and vocalist Tom Angelripper, Bernemann on guitars and Markus “Makka” Freiwald on drums. Producer Waldemar Sorychta seems to be an important part of the sound too.

The first thing that rushes through my mind is TANK. Maybe SODOM has turned into a German version of NWOBHM luminaries TANK? Opener “My Final Bullet” sure has the melody to turn German thrash into NWOBHM! The band hammer on and I believe the fans will love the hammer on refrains, the rough voice, the slight death of “Stigmatized” etc. But there are slight deviations in the openings of songs, the more elaborate riffs (e.g. “Invocating the Demons”, the Russian tones of “Katjuscha” and my favorite, the decisively uptempo and refrain laden “Into the Skies of War”. The years have not gone unnoticed, the influences and slight touches of other styles are there…but Angelripper remains. Nuff said.

Track List
My Final Bullet
Epitome of Torture
Shoot Today - Kill Tomorrow
Invocating the Demons
Into the Skies of War
Tracing the Victim

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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