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Huntress: Starbound Beast | FESTIVALPHOTO

Huntress: Starbound Beast



Napalm/Sound Pollution

It´s time for the second coming of HUNTRESS. The merger of relative unknown bands PROFESSOR and DARK BLACK is not as interesting as the personality and voice of Jill Janus, as always.

There is menace afoot as the opening prolonged intro “Enter the Exosphere” begins. Jill´s outspoken interest in the occult, the echoes of their first offering in 2012, and hey presto the atmosphere is set. As always there are a few KING DIAMOND-esque vocal parts, but there is also a lack of the killer melodies with true haunted style. The guitar work is nevertheless often blistering, but a slight lack of the final touches to their fine brand of melodic heavy metal is simply not quite there. The much talked about Lemmy track “I Want to Fuck You to Death” is not really auspicious, instead the best is the closing track “Alpha Tauri”. That song contains a sort of occult space opera with excellent riffing. Maybe that is what HAWKWIND would have sounded like if they were a new band right now. The grooves are there, the pace changes a good few times, and there is that groundbreaking feeling off their first album. This is not a bad album, it is simply not as entertaining and new as their first opus.

Track List
Enter the Exospere
Blood Sisters
I Want to Fuck You to Death
Destroy Your Life
Starbound Beast
Spectra Spectral
Alpha Tauri

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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