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Brian Connolly´s Sweet: Let´s Do It Again (All the Hits and More) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Brian Connolly´s Sweet: Let´s Do It Again (All the Hits and More)



Collectors Dream Records/Sound Pollution

THE SWEET was surely hot stuff back in their seventies heyday. Brian originally left the band in early 1979, but the remaining band continued as a trio until around 1982. Brian was pestered by bad health, probably due to heavy drinking, and survived multiple heart attacks. He still remained active with THE NEW SWEET and/or BRIAN CONNOLLY`S SWEET until 1996, not long before he suucumbed to a heart attack in early 1997. The band was Brain and some less known musicians. Still this album saw the light of day in 1995 on Bam Records, and is now released on Collector´s Dream Records.

I didn´t grow up with THE SWEET but I have heard enough to hear a disaster when I hear it. Fabulous hits like most of these should not be performed this way. The many background singers on here, and Brian too at times, are way too high. The occasional keyboards should have been removed. The chemistry of old is nowhere near here and most of the stuff is plain embarrassing. Maybe they tried to access a new disco friendly audience? The new songs sounded hopelessly dated too, and the two live tracks from Copenhagen 1976 are odd choices like “The Six Teens” and “Turn It Down”, although the latter is the heaviest on offer! Nothing much for anyone here…

Track List
Little Willie
Wig Wam Bam
Ballroom Blitz
Tenage Rampage
Fox on the Run
Burn on the Flame
Love Is Like Oxygen
Let´s Go (New Song 1995)
Do It Again (New Song 1995)
Wait until the Morning Comes (New Song 1995)
The Six Teens (Live)
Turn It Down (Live)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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