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Sanctification Interview | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sanctification Interview


SANCTIFICATION Interview – The Storm Before the Black Reign

Sweden is well known for Swedish sounding death metal, melodic and rather gentle. But who wants to go gently into the good night? Evil extreme metal knights SANCTIFICATION beg to differ. Founder member and guitarist Tomas Elofsson took some time off their evil doings do answer some questions. And the questions pile up…

1/ How would you describe the nine massive tracks on “Black Reign”

Tomas: Dynamic well played extreme metal.

2/How would you describe the music, and the idea, of SANCTIFICATION? With all the black metal celebrities involved, what keeps you in the death metal mould? Where is the band heading musically? What are you listening to at the moment?

Tomas: We will not start to play black metal just because Masse is in the band, that’s not our thing. We try to mix every good element that we like into our music, whether it´s metal or some other kind of music. We don’t mind taking influences from all kinds of music, but the songs will stay brutal no matter where we take it from. It is how you arrange the songs that make them good.

3/ The band info that was supplied reaches to 2005, what has happened since?

Tomas: The old bio is gone from the myspace site and a new shorter one will be up in a while.

4/ What status does Sanctification have as a band, as most members are involved in famous popular bands that must occupy most of their time. Is it a short lived project or a permanent installment? If you are still around in 2012, what do you think of your sound and possibilities at that stage?

Tomas: We didn’t do much in the SANCTI camp for a few years coz we had other bands and projects that toured all over the world so there was no time to be found for sanctification. Now everything is different so sanctification is the main band for us. If I could tell you how what the band will sound like in the future I would tell you at once, but that it impossible to say except that it will still be brutal and intense. We still have to be honest to our self and as of now, we can only say that we really looking forward to get our asses on the road and play.

5/ What happens in the band camp at the moment?

Tomas: We are at the moment concentrating on getting out on the road, but that is not to easy sense it cost a lot of money. But we are aiming for a tour within the next 6 months so we hope that something will cross our path soon. We are also composing new songs and have like 5 done already but we don’t have any rush on recording them sense we want to get Black Reign the time it deserves.

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Writer: Mikael Johansson
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