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Burning Rain: Pleasure to Burn | FESTIVALPHOTO

Burning Rain: Pleasure to Burn




Second album from bluesy hard rock outfit sees them go for more speed and still being distinctively bluesy. The band, formed by Doug Aldrich, guitars (WHITESNAKE, ex. DIO) and vocalist Keith St John in 1998, also included bass player Ian Mayo (HERICANE ALICE, BANGALORE CHOIR) and drummer Alex Makarovic (ex. STEELHEART).

If the first album was groovy blues this is still blues, but often quicker. Opener “”Fireball” is fast, groovy and decisively an ode to DEEP PURPLE of sorts. That´s exactly the kind of crowd pleaser this band is capable of. There are unashamed Coverdale style vocals, with overtones of Robert Plant. The caressing ballad “Faithfully Yours” is also a sensitive piece without sugary excesses. At worst this album is only slightly above average, but releasing this piece of blues tinged heedlessness in 2000 must have been like buying a Saab in 2011. BURNING RAIN´s albums may have a fine reputation, but they were about 10 years overdue. I still like this, even when they get as cheesy as in “Metal Superman”. So, if you´re into a bit of retro, distinctively British sounding, 80´s bluesy hair hard rock, this outing will enlighten your day.

Track List
Love Emotion
Stone Cold ´n Crazy
Cherie Don´t Break My Heart
Shot Down
Love De Jour
Faithfully Yours
Sex Machine
Metal Superman
Judgement Day
Devil Money
Live for that Rush (Unreleased Demo)
Cherie Don´t Break My Heart (Accoustic)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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