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Rocky Shades´ Wildside Riot: No Second Take | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rocky Shades´ Wildside Riot: No Second Take


Livewire/Cargo Records

Midlands-based bands have always been in favor with me. Rocky Shades is the front man of old sleazy thrashy and somewhat odd NWOBHM glamsters WRATHCHILD. The rest are not specified in the info.

Opener “All Hail the Wasted” is not a full hit but it has its moments as a British variety of a groovy QUIET RIOT track. The almost identical goes for “Wildside Riot” which is even more forceful. But then something is not happening in the next three tracks. The sound is very live in studio, dry and lifeless. It seems Rock is aiming for the days of old. The rather own trademarked “That´s What Sunday Mornings Are For” is nothing new under the sun but it also has its ok moments. The same goes for the almost power ballad “My Paradise” but that is about it. There are tendencies of getting it right but the odd refrain here and the nice arrangement there is not enough in 2013. The feeling of a hasty studio session live as it was cannot be erased. The material is not up to par with Rocky´s former band and I don´t really believe in the future of this lot. A second take every now and then in the studio might have been a good beginning…

Track List
All Hail the Wasted
Wildside Riot
Broken Toys
Fukk Em
Candiis Gone Bad
That´s What Sunday Mornings Are For
Babe I Gotta Go
Angel on My Back
My Paradise
Wasted Lust
My Woman
There Is a Bullet for Each of You

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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