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Hatriot: Heroes of Origin | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hatriot: Heroes of Origin



Massacre/Sound Pollution

HATRIOT have gotten a lot of attention lately. It is almost THE SOUZA FAMILY playing as lead vocalist is no other that Steve “Zetro” Souza of EXODUS/TESTAMENT fame backed by a rhythm section consisting of his sons Cody and Nick on bass and drums respectively. The rest of the band are guitarists Kosta “V” and Miguel Esparza. Old school Bay Area thrash is promised…

The voice in itself is trademark of Bay Area. The guitar work is heavily influenced by the days of old and so is most of the music. Opener “Suicide Run” has an Indian opening, guitar patterns that set the stage for mosh and that makes most of Steve´s old fans happy. The word games are here, as in the forcefully drummed “Weapons of Class Destruction” and the somewhat less entertaining “Globicidal”. That said there are maximum three fillers on the album, including the aforementioned plus the less melodic “And Your Children to Be Damned”. There are no poppy efforts in the vein of “Toxic Waltz” which makes the album heavy and frantic but not catchy in the old style. That is what makes me say it misses out on one account. Otherwise there is enough of Steve to make an old thrasher happy!

Track List
Suicide Run
Weapons of Class Destruction
Murder American Style
Blood Stained Wings
The Violent Time of My Dark Passenger
And Your Children to Be Damned
The Mechanics of Annihilation
Shadows of the Buried
Heroes of Origin

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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