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Mortillery: Origin of Extinction | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mortillery: Origin of Extinction



Napalm/Sound Pollution

The info sheet tells of universal praise, all hell breaking loose and the next league of thrash. Canadians MOTRILLERY has created a buzz, but they may not be filling those shoes today.

It is a matter of taste, as they have a female vocalist on the verge of cracking her voice, some punk thrown in and all the trademarks of old school thrash that many ask for. I personally was around when the old school reigned, and I think they are well up to par with many an underground act. The sheer frenzy of songs like “No Way Out”, “Feed the Fire” and “F.O.A.D.” (yes, acronyms ruled back then) are sure enough to have people speaking about a new wave. But there is no need for the album to sound as it was made back then, and I think there are a few fillers in here. The solos are not quite a lively s I require, the bass lines dull and this whole affair might have been recorded in just a few takes live in the studio. On the other hand there are no useless modernities like a bit of death thrown in, vocal experiments, industrial features or double bass drumming for that matter. I get a bit schizophrenic about this one but I´d like a bit more edge and better sound, period.

Track List
Battle March
No Way Out
Cease to Exist
Creature Possessor
Seen in Death
Feed the Fire
The Hunter´s Lair
Sunday Morning Slasher

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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