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Giant X: I




Let’s move backwards to the latter half of the eighties. Not one thing Rolf “Rock´n´Rolf” Kasparek did was wrong in the eyes of me and my friends. His looks, his vocals, his songwriting, nothing was other than cool. Back to 2013, and a change of scenery. After a farewell gig at Wacken RUNNING WILD was alas no more. The final album “Rogues on Vogue” (2005) was not to my liking and gone were the aiding heroes of old, like Majk Moti, Axel Morgan, Jens Becker etc. But the heritage was still there, untouchable, mighty and eternal. Then in 2012 Rolf resurrects RUNNING WILD, with a rather ok album emerging. Now Rolf and cohort guitarist Peter J. Jordan (RUNNING WILD) have opted for pastures green with an entry into their shared musical roots and bands like KISS, QUEEN, BILLY TALENT, THIN LIZZY and VAN HALEN. I think this letting off steam is necessary for RUNNING WILD to go on; Refrains in the vein of the aforementioned bands, guitar patterns ditto, a ballad and pieces of blues, Sunset Strip and general sing along tendencies. So, is this yet another convincing effort from Rolf…or the other way around?

Opening intro is like a radio feature from a fifties sci—fi movie, ok I guess. Opening song with lyrics “On a Blind Flight” hits it off with a decent sing along approach and the guitar pattern is a take on Gorham/Robertson, and the same goes for the Kasparek signature “Now or Never”. Unfortunately those are the best on offer. It is quite mesmerizing to hear Rolf have a go at a balad like “Nameless Heroes”, or steaming blues as in the BADLANDS oozing “Badland Blues”. But trifles like “Let´s Dance” or the SHABOOM evoking “R.O.C.K” and a few too many more keeps my temper down. This is ok, but no more. A reunion of any of the classic mid to late eighties lineups would be… a totally different story!

Track List
The Rise of the Giant X
On a Blind Flight
Don´t Quit Till Tomorrow
Badland Blues
Now or Never
Nameless Heroes
Go 4 It
The Count
Rough Ride
Friendly Fire
Let´s Dance

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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