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Deep Machine: Whispers in the Black EP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Deep Machine: Whispers in the Black EP



High Roller Records/Sound Pollution

DEEP MACHINE may not have the same ring to their name as some of their peers from the halcyon day of the NWOBHM. Since their formation in 1979 they have featured the likes of Dave DuFort, Kevin Heybourne, John Wiggins, Ricky Bruce and even Roger Marsden in their ranks. Don´t know about them? Kevin is ANGEL WITCH, Dave (also ex. EF BAND) and Ricky are former members of the said band, John is still part of TOKYO BLADE (and ex. BATTLEZONE and LONE WOLF) while Roger was one the lead vocalist of Swedish phenomenon EF BAND. In short this is a band with a lot of NWOBHM pedigree. Founder member Bob Hooker is still here, the rest is a bit dizzy but the lime-up is completed by vocalist Lenny Baxter, guitarist Nick “Beastie” East, bass player John Riley and drummer Chas Towler. The sound, nevertheless, is a pleasant return to the bands heyday…

This EP has three rather short tracks of which two, “Iron Cross” and “Killer” are updated old favorites, and only one, the title track, is brand new. The whispering intro to “Whispers in the Black” opens for a barrage of old school NWOBHM heaven. The echo on the vocals suits just fine. Speaking of barrage… “Iron Cross” opens with war sounds and moves on to a fine refrain and the right sounds of the era. “Killer” is a SAVAGE-esque track that suits the band very well. I can strongly recommend this EP to everyone with the slightest interest in NWOBHM, but isn´t it about time for that illusive full-length debut?

Track List
Whispers in the Dark
Iron Cross

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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