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Amon-Ra: In the Company of the Gods | FESTIVALPHOTO

Amon-Ra: In the Company of the Gods



Pure Underground Records/Sound Pollution

Returning with a vengeance from as short spell with SACRED HEART guitarist Byron Nemeth returned to the spotlight with this album. Some twenty years on this album gets a full-blown (albeit limited to 333 copies) re-release on vinyl in a gatefold. The info speaks of charm, dreamy, straight forward and unique, let´s check this one out.

Opening intro “Into Infinity” is rather pompous and dreamy. It doesn´t really have to do with metal but it´s not a bad start. The sound is rather thin, but the chorus and very progressive refrain parts of “Graveyard of the Dragon” is entertaining but not spot-on. The vocals courtesy of Dan Mattingly are feel quite fragile, and would not be out of place in pop, which also adds to the this feeling. “Forever” is also rather thin in sound while the steel stringed guitar parts and the piano really work. But in the case of “Middleground” we get true IRON MAIDEN guitar patterns paired with a rather messy arrangement. This is just about the way the a-side is, with the addition of a rather unashamed admiration for RUSH in “As the Mirror Cracks”. Side b is a true return to form, albeit being the almost entirely bonus track side. The faster and progressive “Cloak and Dagger” boosts a better refrain, and the equally fast “Garden of Eden” with a style very reminiscent of the RUSH of old. Their peak comes with “On the Shore”, nevertheless. The keyboard opening by Jimm Motyka is very enjoyable and the feeling of the mix of Egypt and space on the cover is very tangible. The two remaining tracks are quite bland but still display a lot of drama, pace and a touch of unique progressivity that might be unheard of still. The guitar work is also classy, and Brian has an ongoing solo career. This is for the open minded, and he who dares will find something vinyl out of the ordinary…

Track List
Side A
Intro Into Infinity
Graveyard of the Dragon
Seasons of May
When the Glitter Fades
As the Mirror Cracks

Side B
Cloak and Dagger
Garden of Eden
On the Shore
She´s My Lady
Long Overdue

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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