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Lover Under Cover: Set the Night on Fire | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lover Under Cover: Set the Night on Fire



Escape Music/Sound Pollution

What do you get if you put LAST AUTUMNS DREAM, COLDSPELL, TEN, JORN and GYPSY ROSE in a blended in the hands of guitarist/bassist/keyboardist/vocalist MIkael Carlsson? Most likely LOVER UNDER COVER. This new band seems out to combine the best of Scandinavia´s rock scene, old and new. With gusts of fame and reputation there is musicality and routine in heeps, but can you do a Manchester City in music?

Opener “My Best Friend” says maybe. There is a nice arrangement and a good refrain, but is that real star quality, or merely QUEENS PARK RANGERS efforts? “Angels Will Cry” is more qualifying with the signature keyboards of Scandinavia and more bite overall, but still not masterful in every aspect. And “Too Good to Be True“ is more like Reading, solid foundation but careful and awkward in their business. But then both the melodic star power of “Hero” and the almost IRON MAIDEN goes Scandinavian melodic “Flash in the Night” really puts this lot in the qualifier to Champions League. The title track is almost in the same league together with “the 80´s flash “Who Needs Love” and the solid soft verse goes boom build-up of “Crime in the Line”. Then there is the sound of champions again in both “Crazy for You” and the EUROPE meets Ireland (GARY MOORE) greatness in “Through the Storm”. Unfortunately the Championship, possibly League 1 status of the seemingly slightly lost closing track “A Nice Day” ends the whole affair in doubt. But they have shown masterclass in every sense of the word and were duly included in my best of 2012 List.

Track List
My Best Friend
Angels Will Cry
Too Good to Be True
Flash in the Night
Set the Night on Fire
Who Needs Love
Crazy for You
Crime in the Line
Through the Storm
A Nice Day

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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