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Razzmattazz: Rock´n´Roll Hero | FESTIVALPHOTO

Razzmattazz: Rock´n´Roll Hero



Good Night Music Records/Music Buy Mail/Sound Pollution

Germany as a whole is quite productive on the metal scene, in this case it´s the south that´s rising. Singer and guitarist Tom Schaupp, English bass player Timothy Toing and Canadian drummer Matthew Sting pretty much counts for internationals but are all living in Germany. Influences encompass the likes of AC/CD, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, WHITESNAKE and ZZ TOP, so what could possibly go wrong?

If you list influences but don´t use the lion part, it´s pretty useless. Most of the music is based on AC/DC, not least the nicely groovy title track. There is also a pinch of early SAXON, which returns in very small doses along the way. The refrains are pretty bland, not least “Frozen Water” and “My Last Beer”. Pleasures are not all that many, the title track, “Drive Me Home” and “Too Young to Die”, and possibly “Metalgod” – with its NWOBHM tale on AC… you´ve guessed it. Most songs out of the 14 on offer are pretty formulaic, and nothing that will make old-timers change their diet of AC/DC, SAXON or thereabouts. Still they do it with conviction enough release an album on their own label, so I lift my hat off on that point.

Track List
Rock´n´Roll Hero
Heat Up My Night
Frozen Water
Takkaa Takkaa
Drive Me Home
Bad Money
My Last Beer
I Wanna Know
Free Like an Eagle
Too Young to Die
Metalgod - The Adoration

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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