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Neal Schon: The Calling | FESTIVALPHOTO

Neal Schon: The Calling




NEAL SCHON is perhaps one of the world´s most recognized guitarists. From his early days, 15 years of age, with SANTANA to the second coming of JOURNEY he has kept his calendar busy like few others. 19 top 40 singles, 25 gold and platinum discs speak for themselves too. Now he somehow found time off from JOURNEY to reunite with the bands former drummer Steve Smith, keyboard players Igor Len and Jan Hammer. All strings arrangements come courtesy of the guitarist himself. Next stop is more concerts with JOURNEY, so how did this squeeze job come out?
First up this is a mixed bag of styles including just about everything Neal has tried out during his career. I personally prefer the rock and blues tracks, especially the very emotional notes of slow blues track “Blue Rainbow”. The title track and “Tumbleweed” are also favorites. But the slight jazz of “Fifty Six, and a whole string of soft emotions like “True Emotion” and “Song of the Wind II” are definitely world class. I could have done without the uninspired “Six String Waltz”, the possibly under-developed Irishness of “Irish Field” and “Transonic Funk”, as I almost never enjoy funk I n any form. But as a whole this effort, which was basically laid down in four days according to the info, really captures the guitarist and his ideas. And, of cause, there is a masterful touch.

Track List
The Calling
Carnival Jazz
Six String Waltz
Irish Field
Back Smash
Fifty Six
True Emotion
Primal Surge
Blue Rainbow
Transonic Funk
Song of the Wind II

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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