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Eyefear: The Inception of Darkness | FESTIVALPHOTO

Eyefear: The Inception of Darkness



Limb Music/Sound Pollution

Australian band EYEFEAR was brought to my attention in 2008, and the excellent “The Unseen” – which was in fact their fourth offering. But the band´s history actually begins back in 1994, and of the founding members only drummer Zain Kimmie and guitarist Con Papazoglu remains. The rest of the band is Evan Harris on bass, Seb Schneider on keys and piano, plus vocalist Danny Cecati. The band has decided to remain with their progressive base, but they will also add various vocal elements courtesy of BE´LAKOR grunter George Kosma and Sarah Parker.

Opener “Redemption” is rather pompous, but also quite fast and with variation enough. But the real click doesn´t appear. The same goes for the ensuing thrashy symphonic “Shadowdance” and the somewhat vague “Eyes of Madness”. The ambitious title track is divided into two parts, almost adding up to 12 minutes all in all. There is a piano opening, growls, syncopations, complexity, ominous atmosphere, a duet and just about everything but the genuine feeling of “The Unseen”. “Immortals” is the first really convincing song on offer, and the good feeling is enforced even more in the refrain-based and very convincing “Legions”. As a change both the radio edit of “Redemption”, on which the vocals sound improved (?) and the orchestral version of “Eyes of Madness” (complete with flute, orchestration and pomp) are both better than the standard versions. All in all this is maybe a band trying too hard. But I know they have the ideas, and if they only sort things out and dare to be themselves this will end well.

Track List
Eyes of Madness
The Inception of Darkness Pt. 1
The Inception of Darkness Pt. 2
Perfect Images
Redemption (Radio Edit)
Eyes of Madness (Orchestral Version)
Reborn (Orchestral Version)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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