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Phoenix Rising: On the Loose | FESTIVALPHOTO

Phoenix Rising: On the Loose



AOR Records/Sound Pollution

Behind the moniker PHOENIX RISING stands guitarist Andrea Maddalone (NEW TROLLS, session musician) and lead vocalist/drummer Titta Tani (ASHENT, GOBLIN etc). After a successful EP, “Give It a Name” in 2012 the band were on their way. They state influences like BOSTON, JOURNEY, PRIDE OF LIONS and GIANT, and they seem to be aiming very high.

The eighties poppy opener “No Lie to Say” boosts electronic sounding retro drums, a nice chorus but alas not the star quality of their peers. On the other hand that may well be the weaker spot on the album, odd choice for an opener. And “It´s Up to You and Me” will not please the target group of listeners either. But I believe that both “Fade Away” and “On the Loose Again” will display the right characteristics for AOR fans. And “Written on a Stone”, “Believe”, Mr. Dr.” and the re-used “Give It a Name” are all only a tad behind that successful sound of the eighties. This is the bands first full-length effort, over time with this focus they may well be up there with PRIDE OF LIONS.

Track List
No Lie to Say
Written on a Stone
Fade Away
On the Loose Again
Mr. Dr.
It´s Up to You and Me
Give It a Name
Talk to You Later

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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