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Vanderbuyst: Flying Dutchmen | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vanderbuyst: Flying Dutchmen



VAN Records/Sound Pollution

The three Dutchmen behind the moniker VANDERBUYST are probably never going to be as hip as now. As the word “fun” is more restricted than ever pure fun and hedonism guys guitarist Willem Vanderbuyst, drummer Barry Van Esbroek and bassist/vocalist Jochem Jonkman are the answers to most boring issues. Because this band are probably above such backlashes as the EU finances, government restrictions and general Western Europe Decline. Not with an opener like “Frivolous Franny”! The band has opened for SAXON and shared stage with the likes of BLACK COUNTY COMMUNION and DREAM THEATER, where will this end?

Opener “Frivolous Franny” can´t really go wrong, and the even classically tinged riff of “Waiting in the Wings” is an homage to the early heavy metal of the early 1980´s. But the ballad-esque and somewhat tepid “Give Me One More Shot” loses the pace and the fine style. But things get back to great with “The Butchers Knife” and beyond that in “Tears Won´t Rinse” and “Never Be Clever”. Refrains galore with more than a hint of THIN LIZZY gets this band a long way. But alas the “B-side” may be groovy and speedy with even more tinges of LIZZY but the real magic fails to appear. It´s not until the closing track “Welcome to the Night” that, in spite of the rather brooding tone, the echoes of MSG and UFO work their magic. This is a more than ok CD, but I think that the flying Dutchmen needs to prepare the next album just a tad more not to enter obscurity. But until then…let the heedlessness begin!

Track List
Frivolous Franny
Waiting in the Wings
Give Me One More Shot
The Butcher´s Knife
Tears Won´t Rinse
Never Be Cleaver
In Dutch
Johnny Got Lucky
Flying Dutchman
Welcome to the Night

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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