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The Few Against Many: Sot | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Few Against Many: Sot



The Few Against Many: Sot

Former SCAR SYMMETRY vocalist Christian Älvestam is back. The new deal is a band with Pär Johansson (SATARIEL), Jani Stefanovic (SOLUTION 45, MISERATION etc.)and Anders Edlund (ANGEL BLAKE, INCAPACITY etc.). They promise music for both the hard progressive tech freaks and thiose who require catchy yet heavy melodies. Sounds promising!

“Hädanfärd” shifts into gear; slower, lighter and with a keyboard pattern thrown in for good measure. This is not what Pulverised are famous for, though it is really heavy. Producer “Plec” and Christian have done the orchestrations and this makes a difference in the yet undefined genre. Seven out of eight songs are in Swedish, and surely many other languages are fit for evil and heavy music. “Blod” is a fine mix of a compelling riff, a slight progression that I don´t really associate with music this heavy and an unusually intelligible growl. THE FEW AGAINST MANY have weaved in many shades of emotions in their music. The title track begins really soft and atmospheric. They dare to carry on in the same vein and don´t really seem bound to a specific genre or category, other than hard metal. If ANCIENT RITES injected a dose of death metal they might end up similar to this. I find this disc both unique and impossible to resist. It is all very neat and imaginative, they might even have something on offer for all metal fans.

Track List
Bränd Mark
Skapelsens Sorti
One with the Shadow

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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