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The Graviators: Evil Deeds | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Graviators: Evil Deeds



Napalm Records/Sound Pollution

Back in 2010 I had the pleasure of listening to THE GRAVIATORS for the first time. Their debut was filled with doom, but also with a wee bit of stoner too much. Impressive nevertheless. But this time around they are on a bigger record company and have a more flashy info sheet. I hope for the best in doom and 70-ies of cause.

First up, THE GRAVIATORS have made some small adjustments, and will be a contender for heavenly 70-ies doom in 2012. Just don´t get too worked up about the somewhat lackluster opener “Soulstealer”. The title track should have been in its place, and all would have been swell. The cool refrain has something psychedelic about it and all is well. The sheer Geezer and Bill Ward-like rhythm section is much to my liking, and the stoner parts are there but in a more harmonic way. In the genre a lack of variation may appear, but it doesn´t strike me here. I detect straightforward seventies rock, a nod to THE DOORS in “Presence”, cool refrains and the ending of excessive grooves in “The Infidel”. There are the obvious references to BLACK SABBATH, as in the catchy "A Different Moon" but also a more general 70-ies worship of varied origins that is challenging to the ear. Check it out!

Track List
Evil Deeds
Morning Star
The Great Deception
Feelin´ Low
A Different Moon
The Infidel

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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