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Constancia: Lost and Gone | FESTIVALPHOTO

Constancia: Lost and Gone



Constancia: Lost and Gone

CONSTANCIA was created by former SCUDIERO/TOKEN keyboard player Mikael Rosén. Add some members; Janne Stark (OVERDRIVE, BALLS etc.), guitars, Peter Svensson (LOCOMOTIVE BREATH, MOUNTAIN OF POWER, FAITH), drums, Michael Mueller (JADED HEART), bass, and last but not least vocalist David Fremberg (ANDROMEDA, MOUNTAIN OF POWER). The mix comes courtesy of Fredrik Folkare and the band was influenced by bands like CITY BOY and STYX, I wander what this will mount to?

Aw well, Janne Stark! The opening with “Fallen Hero” is the best I´ve heard in a long time and the best I have heard from you. CONSTANCIA has achieved an obvious hit. It lingers without mercy in your mind! There are features of pomp, but still undeniably hard rock with pedigree that dates back some 20 to 30 years. All the arrangements, the melodies and the best vocals I have heard from David as well. It seems everyone involved have surpassed themselves. The feeling of familiarity that is present may well hail from the fact that there is nothing different or new from CONSTANCIA, it is simply well-executed. “Trouble Maker” continues in the same fine fashion, and the guitar work is still dashing! The almost caressing “Blind” will not disappoint a single melodic rock fan. It is hard to understand that this is the same guitar player that previously featured in the lukewarm BALLS. The same guitar weeps as if it was in pain in the cosy “Little Big You”. After the MAGNUM reminiscent “Dying by Your Flames” I hand in the towel. If all new albums was of this caliber there would be no need for reviewers. This is top 3 of 2009!

Track List
Fallen Hero
Trouble Maker
Little Big You
The King Is Calling
Dying by Your Flames
Save Me
No One Like You
Life Is a Mystery
I Never Said Goodbye
I Wish I Could Fly

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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