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Crash the System: The Crowning | FESTIVALPHOTO

Crash the System: The Crowning



Crash the System: The Crowning

Daniel Flores (MIND´S EYE) and Sören Kronlund have a project together. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist and Sören has written songs for both the HOUSE OF LORDS and MICHAEL BORMANN. They managed to attract a whole bunch of famous singers; Göran Edman (ex. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JOHN NORUM, BRAZEN ABBOTT), Mats Levén (ex. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Thomas WIKSTRÖM (ex. TALK OF THE TOWN, ex. CANDLEMASS, COVERED CALL) and Björn Jansson (ex RIDE THE SKY, TEARS OF ANGER). Add a bunch of guitarists, a keyboard player and a female background vocalist. The info speaks of an interesting mix of hard rock/AOR and metal – could this be anything but extravagant?

This disc contains a lot of Eurovision Song Contest metal, not exactly anything heavy. Discreet guitars, marked keyboard parts and fabulous vocals have out their mark on this album. Opener “Fight Fire with Fire” is a song that many bands/song writers can only dream about. From then on I´m afraid it gets more meager. It never gets disappointing but many songs are sort of interchangeable with the titles. But all these strong vocal performances and famous people involved will help boost sales in a healthy direction.

Track List
Fight Fire with Fire
All Because of You
I Still Believe in Love
Love Is in Your Eyes
Take a Chance
Enough of Your Loving
Angel of My Heart
Rolling Stone
Don´t Tell Me No Lies
Broken Glass
Higher and Higher
Without Chances

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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