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Liv Kristine: Libertine | FESTIVALPHOTO

Liv Kristine: Libertine



Napalm/Sound Pollution

LIV KRISTINE has been on top of her game since the mid-nineties, and she will always be the first angelic voice in gothic music. Romanticism and the supernatural is always involved in her lyrics, but the bands and co-operations involves THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, LEAVE`S EYES, as well as a joint venture with CRADLE OF FILTH, and efforts with Nick Holmes of PARADISE LOST and various TV-scores. Here she is, almost on her own, but there is of cause a duet with with the German winner of “Pop Idol” Tobias Regner.

The opening “Interlude” involves piano notes and a cozy rhythm, but that is basically it. “Solve Me” boosta affine refrain but also fetures of pop music, while “Silence” carries on in the same mood as the openrer, maybe even more sedated, adds some violin, and gets rockier towards the end. The moody style, the crystal clear voice, the piano, the occasional synth, the gentle drumming, it all repeats itself during the album. After a few spins the word repetitious lingers. But there is also the highly rewarding duet “Vanilla Skin Delight”, the modern rocker of a title track, the gentle soft rock of the contagious “Panic”, the flowing refrain of “Paris Paris” and the positive ending of “The Man with the Child in His Eyes”. Still the 50/50 rule of entertaining modernism and drowsy one-dimensional half-developed ides is prominent.

Track List
Solve Me
Vanilla Skin Delight
Paris Paris
Wait for Rain
Love Crime
Meet Me in the Red Sky
The Man with the Child in His Eyes

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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