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Hess: Living in Yesterday | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hess: Living in Yesterday




Harry Hess rose to fame as vocalist of HAREM SCAREM, which lasted for seventeen years. AS of late he has been redesigning his career into production work and songwriting but he also found time for a solo career. The basis for this album is Harry´s travels in Europe and the USA, and he strives to recall certain sounds and atmospheres from that period. Featured musicians include former HAREM SCAREM members Pete Lesperance, Creighton Doane, and Darren Smith, but also the likes of Howie Simon (TALISMAN), Magnus Karlsson (Just about everyone), Tommy Denander (senast i IMPERA) etc.

Harry opens with the title track, and it fares well. The arrangements and the refrain are in the class that one expects from this caliber of musicians. “Reach for You” is very light, which is a problem for me, while the caressing “It´s Over” hits the fine line between pop and rock and works much better. I have very little to say about the level of musicianship on display here. But when Harry goes modern-ish in songs like “Don´t Leave Me”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”, or enters the realms of synth pop even, as in “I Don´t Wanna Want You” he also leaves the space of credibility and solidity he he´s built over the years. I can understand he wants to do slightly differently but this might alienate his fans. I think he fares much better in solid melodic rock with a radio potential, like the excellent “What If” and I Live for You”. With this outing Harry´s shown himself to have mileage left for quite some time, but I think he need s to do what most ask of him.

Track List
Living in Yesterday
Reach for You
It´s Over
Don´t Leave Me
What If
Nothing Lasts Forever
Falling Down
I Live for You
I Don´t Wanna Want You
Where to Run

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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