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Manowar: The Lord of Steel | FESTIVALPHOTO

Manowar: The Lord of Steel



Magic Circle Music/Playground Music

12 studio albums on, MANOWAR are still at war, not far away from their warrior looks and still ageing. This album has already been out, as a Hammer Edition, which Joey Demaio, bass, explains with the fact that many movies have two versions, and that MANOWAR are no different. As a surprise, they have written two songs as homage to Ennio Morricone and the Sylvester Stallone movie The Expendables. Nuff said, since you all know what to expect, let´s check this eagerly awaited disc out.

The title track opens the disc, as it should be, and in doing so proves itself to be a surefire hit. I personally think there will be a number of hits on this album; the title track, classic MANOWAR style, “Manowarriors”, for the fanatical hordes, “El Gringo”, if the fans can handle the gunpowder variation, “Annihilation”, the track that keeps it all together this time, “Hail Kill and Die”, the one that sums up their entire career will be loved in wider circles, and, finally, the chanting and battle hymnal “The Kingdom of Steel”. But, alas, there is a negative side to this album, which is actually just about half of it. “Born in a Grave” is something of a parody, “Righteous Glory” even more so, as goes for the formulaic heavy metal masturbation “Black List”. The simplicity of “Expendable” is nothing much to write home about either, and the wimpy “Touch the Sky” feels simply outdated. So, this time around oh might warriors you have in truth both delivered and disappointed.

Track List
The Lord of Steel
Born in a Grave
Righteous Glory
Touch the Sky
Black List
El Gringo
Hail Kill and Die
The Kingdom of Steel

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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