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Slough Feg: Ape Uprising | FESTIVALPHOTO

Slough Feg: Ape Uprising



Slough Feg: Ape Uprising
Cruz del Sur Music

SLOUGH FEG, previously LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG has spent a lot of time in my player. Up until 2005 they were an archetypal Irish band, in spite of hailing from San Francisco. The band changed their course with “Hardworlder” (2007), around which time many members were changed. Still remaining are guitarist and vocalist Mike Scalzi and bass player Adrian Mestas. The new guys are guitarist Angelo Tringali (one previous album) and drummer Harry Cantwell. The new group has diminished the Irish features in favor of a rougher and heavier sound.
The title track has many of THIN LIZZYS trademarks, with added heaviness and a kind of galloping pace. The title track is still a hit, modern, though with full force in the old-fashioned guitar duels. “Ape Uprising” feels as off an older album of SLOUGH FEG´S. The difference in the songs during the past five years seems like the difference betwixt “Emerald” and “Chinatown”. There seems to be an ape perspective on the album. Back in 2005, “Atavism” had a perspective on the development of the early man. These are interesting and unusual themes. As a whole SLOUGH FEG are an interesting and experienced bunch that can undergo changes without making fools of themselves. This time the, to say the least, punk influenced cover seems accompanied with sort of sludge light, Irish inspired guitar fills and Mike´s characteristic voice. If you´re into classic hard rock but needs to have it heavily modernized, this is a nice album for you!

Track List
The Hunchback of Notre Doom
Ape Uprising
Simian Manifesto
Shakedown at the Six
White Cousin
Ape Outro
Nasty Hero

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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