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Razorvyre: Another Dimension | FESTIVALPHOTO

Razorvyre: Another Dimension



Infernö Records/Underground Power

TRAZORVYRE was formed in 2008 by Chris Calavrias, lead guitars, and James Murray, rhythm guitars, and the aim was clearly to write and perform heavy metal as if the 80´s had never ended. They first recruited drummer Nick Oakes, a bassist, and vocalist 7-Chylde. A five track EP soon materialized, and was soon re-released as a cassette single by Infernö Records. This is for fans of IRON MAIDEN, EXCITER, JUDAS PRIEST, ENFORCER and CAULDRON the info says…

Oddly enough one of the least engaging songs is the first on offer, not very eighties! There is a sing-along vibe, in thrashy speedy heavy metal fashion, but “The Conjuror (Shaman´s Wrath)” doesn´t quite ignite. Neither does “Another Dimension of Hell” nor “Wind Caller”. Monday at work is present here. But the other eight tracks are unashamed tributes to the likes of Steve Harris, Graham Oliver, James Hetfield (80´s) etc. Older thrashers will also like what they hear, and German speed freaks too at times. I can´t really find an outstanding song here, but the NWOBHM of “Nightblade”, the 1983 thrash of “Desert Inferno”, the “Barnsley concept” of “Fight or Be Fucked” (“Party till You Puke” anyone?) and the sheer spirit of “Hangman´s Noose” are all proof of the right heavy metal ignition. As I said, they were never close to 5/5, but a solid 4 it is.

Track List
The Conjuror (Shaman´s Wrath)
Knights of Fire
Fight or Be Fucked
Another Dimension of Hell
The Infinite
Desert Inferno
The Fort
Speed Warrior
Wind Caller
Hangman´s Noose

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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