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Redline: Vice



Escape/Sound Pollution

REDLINE are a true hard rock band from Birmingham, England. Heard that one before? Well there are a few really famous forerunners… REDLINE formed in 2006 around the prospect of writing nu-classic rock songs. The band consists of Kez Taylor, vocals, A.D., guitars, Steve Petty, guitars, Mark Biddiscombe, drums and Redvers on bass. They might as well be from Barnsley, but the features of undeniably classic British hard rock are there. Their best shot at eternal fame this far seems to be the inclusion of “King of the Mountain” as official soundtrack to the Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Races. This album was recorded and engineered in studios like Mat Hat (MAGNUM, DIAMOND HEAD) and The Old Smithy (TRAPEEZE, JUDAS PRIEST), so what could possibly fuck up?

Opener “Battle Cry” is so British, but there are still better numbers to open the proceedings. “King of the Mountain” is next, with its contagious refrain and almost tangible biker genes. Next up is “Black Sky”, complete with a bass intro and very clear influences from BLACK SABBATH during the height of the Tony Martin era. “No Limits” is more of the obvious, boosting a clearly mid eighties SAXON sound. You get the picture by now I gather. But two of the highlight are saved for later, “The Edge of Falling” has a variation of an opening, the riff is a take on the one in “Rock´n´Roll Gypsy” and it could pass for a SAXON song, as well as the arena aimed “We Came to Rock”. Back in 1986 it would have been a surefire income. The sweet ballad “Cold Silence” and the gritty “Some Kind´a Mean” are pretty close too. The less inspired moment award goes to “High Price to Pay, but the overall impression is the right one!

Track List
Battle Cry
King of the Mountain
Black Sky
No Limits
Twistin´ the Knife
Cold Silence
High Price to Pay
The Edge of Falling
Some Kind´a Mean
We Came to Rock

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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