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HEARSE Interview




HEARSE! Their output has always found its way to my mailbox and I have always enjoyed them. Founded by ex. ARCH ENEMY man Johan Liiva they have always been intriguing, either with their own Death´n´Roll,or covering KIM WILDE their very own way. There is death for sure, but theire is also an oddity of sorts that I can´t really describe. There is also something of Stoner perhaps, and ZEBULON (R.I.P.). Nevertheless the band has a distinct sound and goes about their career their own way. Who better to describe the band and their music than stalwart drummer Max Thornell; Cheers for your time and answers Max!

One Red Bull down and ready go!

1 How would you compare the new album to your previous output? What is new, if anything (the songs, the studio, the process, distribution)?

Max - I guess this is where I should say that it´s so much better than our old albums. Isn´t it? Well, I don´t know. Does it differ from the old ones? Well, don´t know there either really. I never really think about such things to be honest. I don´t really plan to... like doing a different album or anything like that. I just play and this is what comes out of it. The thing is that if I tell myself to make like a grind song you bet it´ll turn out to be a pop song anyway so... I´m not much for planning really.

2 You have been together as a band for some time now, what is the secret to keep it altogether?

Max - Never tour, never rehearse. Well, make sure you don´t even see each other that often, he he! That strategy has worked for 9 years now and we´re still on.
Nah, I don´t really know. I remember reading in the old Swedish mag Poster from...I think 1976 that now Rolling Stones are finally breaking up and...well, that wasn´t really the fact, he he! So keeping a band together for a very long time even though you play like every day obviously isn´t impossible.

3 How come you ended up with Vic Records? How many albums are you on contract for?

Max - It was actually the label boss that contacted me about Furbowl (mine and Johan´s old band) quite some time ago. He was a big Furbowl fan and really wanted to re-release our old albums. Then, the more we spoke it came up that he was also very interested in Hearse as well. We were pretty eager to have a new label at the time and to let somebody who really digs the band release it of course feels great! Was actually pretty tired of hearing from our label that you suck etc, he he! So this feels super! Vic is a cool label, not the biggest, but there´s an enthusiasm that I really like and that means more to me than anything in a co-operation!

4 What influences are on top at the moment? What´s in your player right now, and why? What do you want to achieve with Hearse? What keeps you going – and what would cause you to call it quits?

Max - To be honest I don´t really know about influences. It must´ve been at least ten years since I thought about what bands I wanted to sound like. On the other hand I guess that stuff I listen to sure colours our music in some way.
I´ve been re-discovering Macabre lately. I really love what they´re doing. And that drummer!!! Just love the way he´s playing. No wimp stuff, there´s full-blown chaos and war behind the drums. My kids actually seem to like them too, he he!
After reading the biography on the Swedish old band Noice I also picked up their old albums on CD and their first and second one has also been spinning a lot here lately. Also a kid favourite, he he!

- Hmmm... also just bought my first Nifelheim album and really like it. Just the way I want black metal to sound. They are rough and rotten and really noisy and chaotic in the veins of Venom and Bathory. Having a hard time with the fact that nowadays even the black metal bands sound so nice with these clean dansband productions. I want some chaos and jävulskap when it comes to black metal!

- Then Native American music has just had a revival in my home (might be cos´ I just got back from High Chaparral with a bunch of new CD:s with different pow wow songs from different tribes). Got really hooked on this music when I visited some Sioux Indian friends in South Dakota 10 years ago and they took me around to different ceremonies like the yearly sundance and to some pow wows. That drumming really sets you in trance!
- Other stuff in the latest played section is Duffy, Coldplay, Poison Idea, Napalm Death, Rainbow, Proudflesh, Annihilation Time and the soundtrack from the movie Once.

5 What happens in the Hearse camp at the moment?

Max - Not that much to be honest. We are planning for the sixth album and have like 10 songs finished at the moment. Then we´ll begin rehearsing for the first Sweden gig ever (about time after 9 years of existance, right!?). We will play with General Surgery here in Stockholm in October. Will be super!

Thanx a lot for your support, Miggo! Lycka till med faderskapet! Och du, glöm nu inte bort High Chaparral om några år, he he!

Aw well, busted, can´t argue about that ending Max, cheers!

HEARSE is about to break their live silence in Stockholm, don´t miss out if you´re in the neighborhood. The rest of us will have to make do with the new album, which is excellent. The first pressing also contains a live DVD from Holland shot in 2004, which is a good substitute if you have 1000´s of kilometers to Stockholm! All the best Max, and I know this album will do the trick for HEARSE, it is that good.

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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