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Bonrud: Save Tomorrow | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bonrud: Save Tomorrow



Escape/Sound Pollution

Paul Bonrud returns with his self-titled melodic rock project. Produced by Keith Olsen (OZZY, SAMMY HAGAR etc.) Paul, all guitars, Rick Forsgren, vocals, and Paul Higgins, drums also utilizes the keyboard talents of Richard Baker (SAGA etc.), Eric Ragno (GRAHAM BONNET etc.) and Dave Gross. A lot of time has apparently been invested in this release, what have they achieved?

“We Collide” opens the proceedings. The song works without a clear refrain focus and I quite like the riff and the rhythm. The best effort on the album, “Bullet in the Back” has a lot of positive energy and the right style continues in “American Dream”. The title track rocks as well, and there is a fair bit of character in Rick´s voice. Perhaps they get a bit too exciting in songs like the complex “Liquid Sun” or the SPRINGSTEEN-esque “You´re the One”. Because the middle part of the album leaves the easy does it playfulness of the excellent beginning. “Torn Apart” is a welcome change, and album closer “End of Days” has some hit potential, and is one of the very finest tracks. There might be a bit too much of musical ability built in at times, as well as a wish for more advanced structures than the genre needs. Or perhaps some of the tracks were not as meticulously conceived as the best ones? We will never know, but this is a solid effort with some adventurous features…or flaws.

Track List
We Collide
Bullet in the Back
American Dream
Save Tomorrow
Liquid Sun
I´d Do Anything
Last Sunrise
Torn Apart
You´re the One
End of Days

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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