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The Order: 1986 | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Order: 1986



Massacre/Sound Pollution

This is the fourth offering by old school hard rock band THE ORDER. The band has roots in bands like the excellent thrash outfit GURD, as well as JESR, PURE INC. etc. Apparently this lot wants to relive the eighties, who wouldn´t?

Opener “The Power of Love” has a familiar ring to the riff, and is an unashamed homage to the finest of hard rock with a 25 year pedigree. Vocalist Gianni Pontillo knows his Paul Stanley, and don´t hesitate to sound more than a bit alike. “Long Live Rock´n´Roll” is nothing like the RAINBOW tune, but contagious albeit not up to par with the opener. To spoil the fun I must say that there is nothing in here but high octane 80´s hard rock and hair metal that either chases chicks or goes on a rampage. The lowest point to me is the ballad “A Kiss Under the Rain”, which is far too close to “November Rain” by GUNS´n´ROSES for my liking. Otherwise the pace is nice, the atmosphere merry, the guitar sound by Bruno Spring fantastic and everything in general as it once was. Apart from the sound by someone not stated in the info sheet, who could in fact be Max Norman! The sound is way better than back in the day. So, what are you waiting for? Check this album out before it goes out of print!

Track List
The Power of Love
Long Live Rock´n´Roll
Generation White Line
Lonely Nights
Fire It Up
A Kiss Under the Rain
Damn Hot Chick
Heartbreaking Rebel Blood
Why Dreaming Hollywood
Stop Lying in the Name of Love

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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