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Voices of Destiny: Power Dive | FESTIVALPHOTO

Voices of Destiny: Power Dive



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Ludwigsburg´s female fronted epic/goth metal merchants VOICES OF DESTINY return with their second outing. One change of personnel later the band is now lead by Maike Holzmann, the others are still founding members Christopher Gutjahr, guitars, and bass player Jens Hartwig, plus keyboard player/growler Lukas Palme and drummer Erik Seitz. A convincing album with more variety and heaviness is the message in the info sheet. Let´s check.

An intro is an intro, but the first track to feature vocals is the keyboard-laden title track. “My Separation” fares little better but the more refrain focused “Dreams Awake” is more in line with what I want from the band. “Kami” continues the good trend with a lot of heaviness, combined with a fine refrain, but then it´s more weak refrains and too slow songs for comfort. A bit of a dip is reverted when I hear the first notes of “Red Winter´s Snow”, which is blessed with a great refrain. Unfortunately the great refrains are far between. VOICES OF DESTINY has a solid foundation to stand on, but I think the refrains are a bit on the thin side. Some of the songs also feel interchangeable, but the four stand-out tracks are a good sign.

Track List
Power Dive
My Separation
Dreams Awake
Being Worth
Your Hands
Red Winter´s Snow
Smoke and Mirrors (Digipack Bonus Track)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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