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Fatal Smile: 21st Century Freaks | FESTIVALPHOTO

Fatal Smile: 21st Century Freaks



FS Records/GMR

Swedish troupe FATAL SMILE is continuing their quest for world domination with the release of their second outing “21st Century Freaks”. The band has been around for approximately ten years, but it was not until 2007 that guitarist/founder Mr. Y changed the lineup and started on their debut, modestly titled “World Domination”. Dominating reviews in a.o. Sweden Rock Magazine followed, and a massive 350 shows worldwide is not a bad achievements these days… 2011 saw the band writing and recording, and here is the next chapter…

Opener “Welcome to the Freakshow” opens with a circus part, before a shattering refrain embedded in a classic heavy metal style takes over. Shattering is probably how about seven of the eleven tracks will appear to their competition. “Nailed to the Wall”, “Raising Hell in Heaven”, “My Private Hell”, and the list of spot-on heavy metal with loads of fine fretwork, refrains and attitude is longer than that. The cunningly penned “For the Last in Line” is a loving tribute to the late Mr. Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.), which utilizes just about as much of Ronnie´s lyrics as can be done without ending up with a lawsuit. But it is all very familiar, has a lot of driving force, and the fine voice of Blade. The low points, yes there are two that are barely ok, are the a tad weaker “Broken Heart”, and the oddly gloomy “Break these Chains”. The rest may well be on their way to a stage near you, as the band saga continues. They have done their home work and I really think this will become… magic, as Ronnie J. Dio would surely have said.

Track List
Welcome to the Freakshow
Nailed to the Wall
Raising Hell in Heaven
Judgement Day
Broken Heart
My Private Hell
Break These Chains
Take It to the Limit
For the Last in Line

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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